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Starbucks: Save up to $3 per drink depending on location

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One TikTok user has shared her hack on how to save up to $3 per drink at Starbucks, but it depends on the location.

save on starbucks depending on location

In the video, she shared that she received her large Starbucks drink for just $4.20.

Captioned in the video were the words “tip: get your starbs from your local vons or albertsons, I just paid $4.20 for all this.”

Viewers flooded the comment section asking what exactly the deal was or how she got it.

One user even commented that they had paid $9.40 for a venti matcha latte and their local Albertsons, according to The Sun.

How did this person get a Starbucks drink and save up to $3 at this specific location?

The user who posted the video clarified all of the questions and concerns in the comment section.

She said you need to have their app. You must also click the coupon to get the money off of the drink.

Albertsons is home to many Starbucks locations inside of their stores.

There was an in-store promotion that gave customers a coupon for one large drink and a pastry that cost them just $5.

Other users commented that Safeway stores have a similar promotion.

They said that they used to have a grande sized beverage and pastry for $5 on Fridays.

Each store may have different rules, so it depends on where you go to get the deal.

In order to use grocery store promotions in the Starbucks locations, they cannot be independent Starbucks locations.

It’s a good idea to keep your eyes peeled for deals like this inside grocery stores that house Starbucks locations.

Other stores that have them include Target and Kroger.

These stores have their own apps where you may find Starbucks coupons.

Starbucks drinks can get expensive with their cheapest and smallest sizes costing $3 or $4 dollars, and larger drinks starting around $7.

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