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Teacher accused of hiding missing teenager for 2 years in California

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A teacher in the Sacramento region of California was arrested after being accused of hiding a missing teenager for 2 years.

teacher accused of hiding missing teenager for 2 years in california

The teenager was reported missing in 2020 and suddenly reappeared.

15-year-old Michael Ramirez was reported missing on June 9, 2020. Police searched for the teen asking for the public’s help.

Missing teenager was reported as missing in 2020 but suddenly reappeared

Ramirez was said to have been seen leaving his Rancho Cordova home on May 18, 2020. Family shared that he ran away after an argument.

On March 11 of 2022, the missing teenager suddenly reappeared and returned to his home.

This led to an investigation which resulted in the arrest of a teacher.

Holga Castillo Olivares, 61, was arrested as a result. She is an employee at the Sacramento City Unified School District. She’s listed as a second grade teacher with the Alice Birney Waldorf-Inspired K-8 School.

According to Ramirez’s aunt, he was living with Olivares the entire time he was missing. The aunt added that when the family heard Olivares was arrested, they were “floored” according to My Twin Tiers.

“You can’t just hide someone’s kid and think that’s okay,” she said.

Olivares had been questioned throughout the ongoing investigation regarding the missing teenager before being arrested.

Her crimes include suspicion of detention of a minor with the intent to conceal from parents and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

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