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A guide to getting started at casino bingo

Whether it’s a board game at Christmas time or a card game after dinner, playing games has been a social pastime for centuries. Even if you’re not a particularly competitive person, there’s a game out there for you.

However, if you prefer your gaming to be more on the social end of the scale, you might be a fan of bingo. It’s a great excuse for a night out with your friends while also giving you the chance of winning a few pennies. But have you ever tried to play casino bingo games? Why not try it out at Monopoly Casino. Regular bingo players will find it’s the exact same idea but you can play online rather than having to travel down to your local bingo hall.

It’s the same great game, just with some added benefits! We’ll walk you through how to play but first, let’s take a look at where this popular game originated from.

History of bingo

Playing bingo has been around for a lot longer than you might imagine. It actually dates way back to Italy in the 1500s and was originally called “Il Giuoco del Lotto d’Italia”. From there, it moved its way onto France in the 1700s. When it arrived in France, the name was changed into French and was named “Le Lotto”.

Back in 18th century France, Le Lotto was only really played by wealthy people and the French aristocracy. Thankfully times have moved on and now anyone and everyone can join in and enjoy this game!

Over the years, as bingo travelled its way through Europe, it changed many times over. Eventually, the bingo we know and love today was formed and hasn’t changed much since. This consists of 27 squares laid out in three rows and nine columns. Numbers between 1-90 are randomly arranged within these squares and you keep everything crossed that you have the winning board!

It’s the random chance element with bingo that makes it such a successful game to play. And the most likely reason for the lack of changes in the way the game is played. That is until online casinos came along! Now you can play your favorite bingo game without having to leave your home. Let’s look at some other benefits of being able to play bingo online.

Benefits of online bingo

  • Save on time and travel – now you don’t have to make your way down to a bricks and mortar bingo hall, you can save time and money by playing from home. There’s no need to organize a lift or have to deal with public transport, simply log on and play!
  • Play anytime, anywhere – as long as you have access to the internet, you can play bingo at an online casino. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world or what you’re doing, you can always squeeze a game in. Now you can have more fun on your commute or have something to pass the time while you wait for a friend at the bar.
  • More bonuses up for grabs – as there are so many different online casino sites and apps out there, the competition between them is fierce. This is great news as a player because it means that every site and app are going to try and get you to sign up or stay with them through deals and bonuses. There are loads of sign up bonuses to find as well as in app offers to take advantage of.
  • Play with friends across the world – if you’ve wished you could play a game of bingo with a friend but can’t because you don’t live in the same place, that could all be solved with an online bingo game! Because online bingo doesn’t require you to play in person, you can now play with your pals all across the globe.

How to play online bingo

When playing online bingo, there are no big differences in the rules of the game. You will get given a virtual bingo card at random and you need to match numbers in a single line in order to win. There are still games where you can win on a full house too but you’ve got to make sure you read the small print on games before you play.

There are lots of different types of bingo that you can find online. The only differences between them are the number of numbers that can be called.

  • 90-ball bingo: this is the most traditional form of bingo and will be the most recognizable from the physical bingo halls. The rules might vary depending on the game but the main goal is to cross off either one of two lines of numbers or a full house of numbers after 90 balls are called.
  • 80-ball bingo: this bingo game has rules that are slightly different. Your bingo card is 16 numbers in a 4 by 4 grid and the columns are all different colors. You can win by getting all the numbers in a row but you can win diagonally as well as vertically and horizontally.
  • 75-ball bingo: this bingo game has a card made up of five columns and lines and you can win by getting the numbers in a pre-determined pattern on your card.
  • 52-ball bingo: this version of bingo is a combination of bingo and a deck of cards which is where the name comes from. You get given five cards and to win, you mark those off as the caller declares the numbers.

Now you know all about online bingo, why not play an online casino bingo game yourself?

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