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Walmart going paperless? Reusable bags may be required sooner-than-later

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What’s the deal with Walmart and paper bags?

Some customers have said they heard employees talking recently about the retailer doing away with paper bags entirely. It sparked concern, since New York is among the states where single-use plastic bags are not legal.

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News10NBC looked into this and found that the answer is ‘no’. Paper bags aren’t going anywhere for now.

That said, a combination of factors have left some shoppers confused. There have been social media posts, most of which have been deleted, indicating that paper bags may be going away.

What did Walmart say about it?

They told News10NBC that they are exploring alternatives, but paper bags are staying for now.

“Walmart has been exploring alternatives to single-use carryout bags from our stores since 2021 while prioritizing our customers’ convenience and product safety. At this time we have no firm deadline to remove single-use bags in New York locations where it is lawful to offer them.”

There are two states where reusable bags are the only option. New Jersey, Vermont, and Maine are locations where paper bags are gone.

Wegmans and Tops told News10NBC they have no immediate plans to drop paper bags.