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Steuben legislators honor Lewis, approve work of three highway stops, adopt mission statement

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  • Concetta Durso 

Steuben County legislators recognized Monday the accomplishments of a former colleague,
approved the costs of renovating three highway shops and adopted their mission statement.

The board paid tribute to Fred Lewis, of Howard, for his 16 years on the county Board of Supervisors and tenure as county Clerk, from which he retired in 1995. Current legislators Gary Swackhamer, R-Hornell City and John Malter, D-Wayland served with Lewis on the 34-member Board of Supervisors, which later became the county Legislature with 17 members.

Lewis died on Aug. 29 at the age of 91.

Work on renovations and new construction at three county highway shops is expected to begin soon with the Steuben Legislature approving bids totaling $6.1 million.

The county board awarded a General Construction contract for $5.7 million to Building Innovation Group, Inc, and $449,000 for electrical work to Matco Electric Corporation for work at the Curtis, Mt. Washington and Prattsburgh highway shops.

Frey & Campbell won both the Plumbing bid $515,000 and the Mechanical bid $419,800 for work at the three shops.

County lawmakers also adopted their mission statement which states their purpose is to improve the lives of our residents by providing exceptional services in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

The statement incorporated the core values·
• Ethical, Transparent, and Responsive Government
• Fiscal Integrity ·
• Advocating for the Rights and Liberties of our Citizens
• Creative and Adaptive Leadership
• Citizen and Stakeholder Engagement
• Promoting Economic Development and Environmental Stewardship
• Exceptional Service ·Supporting Public Safety Efforts
• Recognizing Our Employees Are Key Assets in Achieving our Mission