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Energy Assistance: Eligible Americans to see up to $465 payments beginning this week

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As inflation soars across the country, many Americans find themselves in need of energy assistance and other forms of help.

heater inside of an American home where owners receive energy assistance after inflation.

States are taking it upon themselves to help people out when it comes to affording food, gas, and utilities. Prices have climbed so high many people have started going without.

Seniors have gone as far as only eating once per day and cutting their medications in half as they live on a fixed income. Families with children are forced to only buy necessities when it comes to food purchases.

Different states are doing different things to help. When it comes to food, many states have given out extra food stamps each month. For gas, places like Chicago offered gas cards using a lottery system for those that qualified. As for utilities, some states give qualifying residents energy assistance to help offset increasing costs on lower incomes.

What is the $465 energy assistance that some people could see?

According to Marca, beginning this week, qualifying Americans could see a check worth as much as $465. This will go to West Virginia residents and is coming from the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Services. The payments are going to all residents that belonged to the Low Income Energy Assistance in 2022. The program is also known as LIEAP.

Households that need help financially to heat their home will receive direct cash payments from the Low Income Energy Assistance Program. These payments are made to go towards residents’ utility bills. The West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources, Bureau for Children and Families, Office of Programs and Resource Development, Division of Family Assistance administers the payments.

Those who are already in the program will see the payments starting this week. What you’re paid depends on how a person used the LIEAP program in West Virginia. The payments will range from $25 to $465. They’ll either be made directly to the person or given to the utility companies on their behalf. Payments are expected to arrive before the start of October.

What are other states doing besides providing energy assistance?

In addition to energy assistance, gas cards, and extra food stamps, some states are giving stimulus checks to help offset inflation.

One of these states is California, where the famous Golden State Stimulus checks came from. Residents in this state can see payments worth as much as $1,050 depending on their income, filing status, and number of dependents.

These payments are being sent by direct deposit for those who previously used that method for their tax refunds and other stimulus checks. This inflation stimulus is known as the Middle Class Tax Refund. The first payments will be sent in the beginning of October. Anyone that saw that first round of Golden State Stimulus payments can expect these payments first as well.

The final payments are set to go out by January 15, 2023. About 90% of people will see their payments in October, and 95% will get them by 2023. 23 million Californians in all can expect a stimulus payment.

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