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Livingston County’s Young Adult Program developing tomorrow’s workforce today

With the nature of employment having shifted over the last several years and the demand for well-rounded, skilled workers on the rise, Livingston County is actively engaged in helping to develop tomorrow’s workforce today through various programs administered through the Office of Workforce Development.

Through initiatives such as its Young Adult Program, the Office of Workforce Development has become a template for developing impactful opportunities that will make positive, lasting impacts on young adults in Livingston County.

 “Our goal is to be able to continue supporting our residents by providing them with meaningful developmental opportunities for in-demand career training and educational resources,” added Ryan Snyder who serves as the Director for the Office of Workforce Development. “By helping people prepare for their future careers, we are developing a workforce that is ready, willing and capable of making a substantial difference throughout the County and beyond.”

One of the more innovative initiatives in the region, the Young Adult Program fosters career training and development and offers participants preparation for high school equivalency exams, tuition assistance, job preparation training including how to interview and craft a resume and more. Furthermore, the program is supportive in nature as each participant is paired with a counselor to help establish and build a plan tailored to their particular career aspirations and interests.

The program is guided by the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act, which states that applicants must meet certain eligibility requirements and have a barrier to employment. The program is presently focused on out-of-school individuals between the ages of 16-24, however, in-school applicants between the ages of 16-21 are also encouraged to apply. Interested individuals are encouraged to contact the Office of Workforce Development to speak to someone about which service may fit their needs best.

In addition to the Young Adult Program, the Office of Workforce Development provides job search workshops throughout the year and is also able to leverage grant funding to help support training, education and experiential learning opportunities.

“Our office has funding available for those interested in training opportunities for in-demand occupations within the region, tuition, books, uniforms, licensing and testing fees and even specialized tools required for certain occupations,” continued Snyder.

To learn more about the Young Adult Program or other opportunities through the Office of Workforce Development, call (585) 243-7047.

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