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Fast food: Smashburger to open dozens of new locations

The fast food chain Smashburger is known for their burgers with crispy edges.

Smashburger is opening dozens of new locations

If you haven’t tried one yet, hopefully you will soon because they are opening dozens of new locations.

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Smashburger is expanding

This year alone, Smashburger has gone from 240 locations to 260. The company also plans to open 20 more in 2023 and an additional 30 in 2024. However, this expansion will not be easy given inflation and supply chain issues.

Smashburger is known for offering Angus beef burgers that are literally smashed on the grill. Supposedly, this technique sears the juices and seals the flavor. In late August, they announced a deal to open 15 new stores in and near Tampa, Florida.

Carl Bachmann took over as the Smashburger President in 2019, and since then, Smashburger has really grown. In addition to more locations and bigger burgers, they have also moved to a regionalized hub-and-spoke approach. This method helps with supply chain operations. The burger chain has also updated their appearance to look more modern.

The chain is also updating their mobile and drive-thru options. Smashburger expects to open their first digital drive-thru unit expected to open at the end of 2022 in Houston. The goal is to have four corporate and one franchised virtual drive-thrus within a year. The virtual drive-thru would be for mobile pickups only. There is a possibility of some pedestrian pickup windows in urban areas.

In Denver, one of the Smashburger locations may see a full-service bar, complete with cocktails like Blackberry Smash, Smoke and Spice Margarita, and more.

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