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New York drops COVID-19 school report card: Districts can track cases if they want, but it’s not required anymore

The state has shut down the COVID-19 case tracker by school district.

The school report card, which has been a resource for parents across New York since the middle of the pandemic, is no more.

School districts are now being told to keep track of cases locally, and report them to local health departments.

School officials across the state said they were surprised by the move, according to reporting by the Times Union.

DiSanto Propane (Billboard)

“Local health departments and schools will work together to determine if and when action in a school needs to be taken or if there is a risk posed to the general public,” a state DOH spokesperson told them. “New York State continues to provide an unprecedented amount of data in real-time on cases, hospitalizations, and fatalities from COVID-19. We are constantly evaluating the utility and presentation of data and will continue to update and change our data pages as necessary.”

Some districts are posting weekly cases on their website, while others are not providing anything at all.

Parents have been mixed on the move. Reaction has been seen on social media, with some frustrated by the lack of data, as others express joy about the pandemic-era measure being gone.