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Livingston County’s Summer Youth Employment Program molds next generation of workers

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  • Concetta Durso 

A skilled workforce is an essential component of any successful business regardless of size. The Livingston County Office of Workforce Development remains dedicated to continuing to offer transformative opportunities to the County’s youth who in turn gain valuable experience that has had an immensely positive impact on businesses throughout the region and beyond.

The Livingston County Summer Youth Employment Program is an all-encompassing initiative that prepares younger residents between the ages of 14-20 with training, resources, educational opportunities and more. In return, local businesses have access to dedicated, hard-working County employees who can also benefit from enrollment into the New York State Retirement System.

“The Summer Youth Employment Program is a great opportunity to gain knowledge and learn how to successfully enter the workforce,” added Ryan Snyder who oversees the Office of Workforce Development. “By helping to educate these young workers and providing them with resources, we’re helping to ensure that not only will the employee experience be beneficial, but our local employers will be able to expand their own workforce in an impactful way.”

In 2022, the program had 36 youths hired throughout numerous municipalities and industries including childcare, various charities, school districts, local small businesses and more.
Jack, a sophomore from Nunda, worked at the Keshequa Central School District as a laborer and described how the program has provided him with more than a paycheck.

“I really liked getting to meet new people and build a network,” he said. “The program has helped me gain some financial responsibility and taught me about how to save and make a budget, which has really helped me.”

Like Jack, Iassic described his time as transformational and credited the program with having helped him to establish a routine.

“The program has helped me learn how to work, manage my time and money and showed me a career path that I didn’t know about,” added Iassic who worked at the Dansville Community Center this summer where he interacted with children and helped to create games and programming. “The week-long training that the program offered before my first day on the job really helped to set me up for success.”

Knowing what to expect on your first day is a critical component of the program as it helps to ease the transition into workforce. Prior to their starting date, youths are engaged in various training sessions that are provided by the County and designed to equip them with information and knowledge that will help to ensure their success on the job.

In addition, the County provides a newly designed guide that lays out how to apply for a job, how to interview, how to manage money and other meaningful life skills that have proven to be key in developing a strong workforce.

“Learning how to dress appropriately for work, how to set up a checking account and direct deposit were tools that have really benefited me,” mentioned Shayla, a sophomore from Geneseo who spent the summer working for Goodwill. “I gained a lot through this experience and I’m grateful for the opportunity.”

To learn more about the Summer Youth Employment Program or other opportunities through the Office of Workforce Development, call (585) 243-7047.

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