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SYRACUSE SPEAKS: Prepping for the Season with Geo FitzGerald (podcast)

On this edition of Syracuse Speaks, Alex Ackerman welcomes Raw Charge contributor Geo FitzGerald to the podcast. Raw Charge is a SB Nation blog that covers the Tampa Bay Lightning organization. Geo has been writing for them for many years, specializing in the organization’s prospects and players.

With training camps approaching rapidly, Alex engages Geo in an in-depth conversation about how the 2022-23 Crunch is shaping up. Players discussed include Max Lagace, Trevor Carrick, Sean Day, Ryan Jones, Nick Perbix, Jack Thompson, Haydn Fleury, Gabriel Dumont, P.C. Labrie, Daniel Walcott, Gabriel Fortier, Gage Goncalves, Lucas Edmonds, and Ilya Usau.