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INSIDE THE FLX: Finger Lakes Works FAME program, matching employers and employees (podcast)

In this episode, we talk with Rick Plympton and Lynn Fried from the Finger Lakes Workforce Investment Board, also known as Finger Lakes Works.

We discussed the Finger Lakes Advanced Manufacturers’ Enterprise or FAME program. The program helps manufacturers find workers with the proper training for today’s manufacturing jobs. From the FAME website:

We work with dedicated professionals who specialize in workforce development to understand what it takes to attract and grow the workforce talent in advanced manufacturing.

The end result in this investment is a bright, motivated, informed, skilled mind that contributes to the advancement of the sector.

FAME builds minds that make it.

Our regional stakeholders include:

  • Advanced Manufacturing Companies
  • Regional Educators
  • Economic Development Leaders
  • Workforce Planners and Leaders
  • Job Seekers
  • Students

We discussed how labor markets have changed since the COVID-19 pandemic and the changing attitudes toward work among younger people, as well as how manufacturing has evolved, and how employers’ needs have changed.