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Low levels of HAB toxins found in Auburn, Owasco’s untreated water

Low levels of toxins have been detected in Auburn’s and Owasco’s raw water, according to officials.

Low levels of toxins associated with harmful algal blooms were found in raw water entering the city’s and town’s water treatment plants.

According to a news release, samples were collected August 31 and September 6, but no toxins were found in treated drinking water from the two systems.

Auburn and Owasco have separate intake pipes located in different spots on Owasco Lake. Each monitor for harmful algal blooms during ‘bloom season’.

Officials are encouraging residents to keep bottled water on hand for the next 30-45 days as bloom season continues to sit at peak level.

Additional questions can be directed to health officials, who shared (315) 253-1560 as the best contact number for local residents.