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Carl Paladino could challenge loss to Nick Langworthy in 23rd District primary in court: Why is he doing it?

Carl Paladino’s congressional campaign is looking for ‘irregularities’ in the August 23rd Republican primary that ended with GOP State Chairman Nick Langworthy victorious.

Last week, the defeated Paladino sent a Freedom of Information Law request to several county boards of election in New York’s redrawn 23rd District, according to The Buffalo News.

They sought detailed documentation about the votes cast in the primary and much more.

“This is a matter involving litigation,” Paladino said when called by reporters from the Buffalo News. He then hung up.

Paladino’s request for information appears to be a precursor to the kind of election challenge executed by former President Donald Trump after the 2020 election.

What is Paladino’s team requesting?

His letter to the Cattaraugus County Board of Elections requests 22 different sets of records including a list of all Republicans who voted in the primary, a breakdown of in-person and vote-by-mail, timing of election results, and ‘all records maintained’ the BOE.

“We are seeing a number of statistical irregularities in a number of counties that we will be looking in the coming days,” Paladino spokesman Vish Burra said after the primary night loss. “We want every single legal vote to count.”

Paladino conceded the day after the primary, saying it was time for him to move into the next chapter of his life. However, it appears he is positioning himself for another effort on the electoral front.