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Steuben County moving forward with comprehensive plan: Will be 15 year guide on development, residential life

Steuben County is moving forward with the comprehensive plan process.

It’s the first time Steuben has taken the task. Now, officials are looking for the public’s input to help shape the roadmap of the future.

Comprehensive planning is essentially a ‘master plan’ for a community or set of communities. In this case, it prevents a vision for the future and how it should be developed.

The plan will outline how policy, economic development, and capital investment should be leveraged over the next 15 years.

Broadband access, infrastructure development like water, sewer, electric, gas, roads, and bridges, as well as workforce development, economic development, housing, agriculture, farmland, food systems, transportation, recreation, and sustainability will be considered.

“The importance of the comprehensive plan as a document and process is that it will tie together all of the recent and extensive planning and studies that have taken place in the county,” explained Deputy County Manager Christopher Brewer. “Steuben County stands out as a county with an extensive amount of good research and planning.” continued Brewer.

The legislative process will take upwards of 18 months. That would be on par with many other communities moving through a similar process.

Looking for updates? Check out the Steuben County website, where they are keeping residents informed on the process.