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IRS says it accidentally posted personal information of 125K taxpaying entities on its website: Were you one of them?

The IRS says the personal information of about 120,000 people was accidentally shared last week.

The Internal Revenue Service said it unintentionally posted some individuals’ tax information on its website last week before taking it down.

Acting Assistant Secretary for Management in the Treasury Department Anne Canfield Roth sent a letter to the House Committee on Homeland Security, outlining the breach.

Some machine-readable Form 990-T data was made available for bulk download on Friday, August 26.

Tax-exempt businesses use the Form 990-T to report and pay income tax on income from certain investments or income that is unrelated to their exempt purpose.

The IRS says it took immediate action. The leak did not include Social Security numbers, individual income information, detailed financial account data or anything else that would be considered ‘sensitive’.

The situation remains under review by federal agencies.

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