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Small earthquake recorded in Genesee County

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  • Hayley Jones 

A small earthquake shook Genesee County on the morning of Monday, August 15.

The earthquake was very weak. It had a magnitude of 1.2, meaning it can be felt by people nearby but is unlikely to cause damage.

According to the U.S. Geological Survey, the earthquake’s epicenter was east of Batavia and north of Stafford Country Club.

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The Niagra-Attica Zone, which stretches from southern Ontario, Canada to western New York State, has seen moderately frequent earthquakes since the first reported one in 1840, says the USGS website.

A magnitude 4.9 earthquake was reported near Attica, New York in 1929, the largest earthquake in this region to date.

News10 NBC reports one of the last small earthquakes in the area was on March 15, 2022 near Warsaw, Wyoming County.