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Dollar General, Target, and Walmart: When is the best time to shop?

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Which day you decide to shop is an important factor if you’re looking to save money.

Here you can find the best time to shop at each store to maximize your savings.

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Knowing the best time to shop

Knowing the best what day and time to shop can often offer greater savings than sales or coupons. The best time to shop will depend which store you are shopping at. Below are all the details to score savings at Dollar General, Target, and Walmart.

Dollar General

The best time to shop at Dollar General is on Saturdays. This is because they offer a $5 off a $25 purchase coupon each Saturday. You can also stack the $5 off coupon with other digital coupons.


Target has a schedule for markdowns in different departments, which may help you decide when to shop. The general clearance schedule is:

  • Monday – Electronics, children’s clothing, baby items, books
  • Tuesday – Women’s clothing, pets, domestics
  • Wednesday – Men’s clothing, health, beauty, garden
  • Thursday – Homeware, toys, sporting equipment, travel
  • Friday – Auto, cosmetics, jewelry

Target does their clearance in cycles. Markdowns start by 30%, then 50%, and finally 70%. Price reductions also vary from store to store, so it’s worth checking different locations. New shipments come in overnight, so if you’re looking for new inventory– go first thing in the morning.


Walmart doesn’t have a set schedule for when each store gets new shipments. However, Wednesday mornings seem to be best. Usually perishable items are restocked overnight. This means that going early in the morning will likely get you the best pick of produce and other fresh foods.

Typically Walmart clearance sales during the first week of every month. Shopping between the 1st and 5th of each month will offer the best clearance options.

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