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If you need whipped cream in a can, you must be 21 or older to purchase it in New York State due to the Nitrous Oxide

Thanksgiving is coming, which means pies, and if you need canned whipped cream which contains Nitrous Oxide, you better be 21 or older to make the purchase in New York.

nitrous oxide canisters that are illegal to sell to anyone under age 21 in New York State and a crime to inhale in Michigan.

Canned whipped cream is now in the same category as alcohol and tobacco in the state of New York, requiring a photo ID that shows you’re 21 or older.

This has been in place for almost a year.

Why do you need to be 21 or older in the state of New York to buy whipped cream if it’s in a can?

Cool Whip containers are just plastic containers holding the tasty topping, but the cans that spray it out hold more than that.

The cans contain Nitrous Oxide. This is the same as “laughing gas” which is often used at the dentist for more complicated procedures, according to Rochester First.

Unfortunately, people can use these cans as a way to get high.

This caused the state to create an age requirement for purchase in November of 2021.

The law isn’t against whipped cream itself, but the cans that contain Nitrous Oxide.

The solution was to raise the age for purchase instead of banning sales entirely, since many people do use the product appropriately.

Young people are more at risk for using inhalants, according to the National Institute of Health.

Using inhalants this way can cause psychosis, nerve damage, and loss of consciousness.

What is the “Whippits Bill” that was passed regarding canned whipped cream?

Senator Joseph P. Addabbo Jr. sponsored the bill that stopped the purchase of whipped cream chargers for those under age 21.

It went into effect on November 25, 2021, according to The Rockaway Wave.

Addabbo stated that whippits were a problem throughout many neighborhoods in his district, requiring the limitation of sales.

The first complaints started as empty Nitrous Oxide canisters littering the streets.

The law will help eliminate the littering of canisters throughout the area. It will also help the underlying issue- that people are misusing them.

The reason youth are the most at risk for abusing Nitrous Oxide is because they’re cheap. They are very easy to get and just as easy to use.

The proper use of canisters would be for cooking, banking, and other household uses.

New York isn’t the only state aware of the abuse- Michigan says they’re legal to have but illegal to inhale

According to the Law Offices of Barton Morris, using things like canned whipped cream to inhale for a euphoric feeling is a misdemeanor under Michigan state law.

12-24 packs of the canisters are available over the counter. They can be placed into a dispenser used to make whipped cream.

Unfortunately, many people will use other ways to ingest the chemical to feel a 30 second feeling of euphoria. This can be highly addictive.

In the state of Michigan, using anything to inhale for a buzz is illegal aside from marijuana.

Anyone choosing to do this faces a misdemeanor charge and can carry a fine worth up to $100.

Giving someone the Nitrous Oxide to inhale is also a crime.

The first offense is a 93 day misdemeanor.

The second is one year, and a third offense could give you a four year felony.

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