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Savings tip: Window and thermostat trick to cool your home faster and cut your energy bill

As the summer heat continues, plenty of people are trying to cool their homes without adding to their energy bill.

Luckily, there’s a tip that may help you cool off and reduce your bill.

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TikTok users share tips for keeping cool

One TikTok user that goes by FixItWithMitch uses his platform to help other millennial homeowners with hacks to help reduce financial stress. Recently, he shared a tip to help cool your house down faster at night, while reducing energy usage.

His tip is to wait until it starts to cool down at night and it is colder outside than it is inside. Then open the windows that are near your AC unit. Next, you’ll want to turn your AC unit on– but only the fan. This technique just blows air through the house instead of cooling it down with the AC unit. This works because the central fan sucks in the cooler outside air from outside and blows it into the house.

The TikTokker shared that the thermostat in that room went from 78 degrees to 75 degrees in just 15 minutes.

Other AC tips to save on your energy bill

A report from the US Department of Energy (DOE) found that air conditioners use about 6% of all the electricity produced in the United States. Annually, that is about $29 million paid by homeowners.

One woman shared that she cut her energy bill in half just by cleaning her AC unit. The TikTokker user Mrs_cantbebothered posted a video explaining how she realized it need to be cleaned and her bill was reduced by almost 50% afterwards. She was able to clean the air conditioner herself– so she saved by not hiring a maintenance worker. However, she did purchase a fin tool to clean the unit more carefully and not damage any pieces.

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