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Canandaigua applying for $10 million DRI grant, shifts focus from downtown to lakefront

City of Canandaigua officials are hoping to secure state money to finance some lakefront development projects.

Applications for the sixth round of New York’s Downtown Revitalization Initiative (DRI) are due in September. So are the applications for the first round of New York Forward, a new initiative for smaller communities.

The city has applied for DRI grants in the past, so far to no avail, but this year could be different.

Canandaigua officials are focusing on lakefront areas for this year’s application, like the vacant lot that was supposed to be part of the Pinnacle North project.

The Canandaigua Local Development Corporation is leading this year’s effort.

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More lakefront development would increase visitors and attract people downtown as well, said City Manager John Goodwin during City Council’s August 2 meeting, according to Daily Messenger.

The state’s DRI program is designed to transform neighborhoods into vibrant centers for community life and stimulate economic growth.

A total of $20 million in funds are available this year: $10 million for a single location, and the rest distributed to three other communities through the NY Forward program.

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