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Farmers Market Week at Seneca County Markets August 7-13

After weathering the uncertainties of the COVID pandemic, we are now facing record levels of inflation, including record high gas prices. The higher costs facing consumers and farmers alike all have impacts on farmers markets. That’s why we are celebrating Farmers Market Week by ensuring that everyone knows that Farmers Markets are Inflation Fighters!

We celebrate that shopping at farmers markets is a good, healthy, and tasty way to fight inflation. The quality and freshness of the food means it lasts longer once we get it home. The prices also are known to be cheaper than supermarkets when purchasing in season, direct from growers. 

We also know that farmers markets are more than just a shopping trip. It’s an experience! Entertainment, education, community gathering, along with great food! That means a farmers market is well worth the drive.

Low income consumers using their SNAP benefits at farmers markets have their buying power expanded with the availability of nutrition incentive programs such as Fresh Connect and Seniors and WIC recipients can use their Farmers Market Nutrition Program Coupons at the market to purchase local produce.

Everyone benefits by participating at a NY Farmers Market!

The Seneca Falls Farmers Market is every Tuesday in People’s Park from 2PM-6PM, Ovid Farmers Market is every Friday in The Three Bears Park from 3PM-7PM and the Waterloo Rotary Farm Market is every Saturday in LaFayette Park from 9AM-1PM. 

If you have any questions, please call the Seneca County Cornell Cooperative Extension office at 315-539-9251.