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Doritos has a new flavor: When will Tangy Tamarind be available?

Everyone loves the classic Doritos options.

However, they also do limited edition flavors and this time it is Tangy Tamarind.

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When will I be able to try the new Doritos?

Doritos new Tangy Tamarind flavor will be available starting August 15, but only for a limited time. The limited edition flavor started selling at specific retailers in July, but on August 15, it will be available nationwide. A Doritos representative explained the flavor as tangy “with a kick of heat and citrus.”

What are the other flavors?

Doritos has a variety of flavors like Cool Ranch, Spicy Sweet Chili, and Salsa Verde. The new Tangy Tamarind flavor isn’t their first tangy chip. Doritos previously had Tangy Pickle, Tangy Cheese, and Tangy Ranch.

Tangy chips aren’t the only limited edition flavors Doritos have launched. In the past they tried flavors like Baja Picante, After Dark Southern Fried Chicken, Extreme Queso Grande, and Fiery Habanero.

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