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Human Services Coalition of Tompkins County employees recognized as August Community Heroes of the Month

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  • Concetta Durso 

Tompkins Chamber, in partnership with Tompkins Community Bank, has named two Human Services Coalition of Tompkins County (HSCTC) employees as the August Community Heroes of the Month. This award recognizes individuals from Tompkins County who have significantly impacted our community.

John Mazzello
Nicole Roulstin

HSCTC’s Deputy Director John Mazzello and Contact Center Manager of 2-1-1 Tompkins/Cortland Nicole Roulstin were nominated for their work with the agency’s 2-1-1 line. The Human Services Coalition’s 2-1-1 line is a 24-hour-per-day service that connects those in need of mental health services with providers. Since 2019, use of the 2-1-1 service has more than doubled and has served more than 28,000 callers. The services offered by the 2-1-1 staff have been critical throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and assisted Tompkins County and the Health Department in sharing important health and safety information.

“As the pandemic and then the changing economic situation affected so many local households, 2-1-1 really saw the number of people reaching out for help increase,” said Mazzello. “At the same time, because we operate our contact center, we had the opportunity to partner with other groups to respond to some of those requests for help and enable them to focus on other important parts of their work. We have also supported food, transportation, housing, and other programs over the past few years.” 

“We have seen a number of challenges, as many have, with the pandemic and each of my staff has met these challenges with poise and professionalism,” stated Roulstin. “I am inspired by their hard work and enormous empathy for the people we serve.”

“It is really remarkable how many people the program reaches and helps each day,” said Tompkins Chamber President Jennifer Tavares. “Thanks to John and Nicole’s leadership, the talented team at 2-1-1 is making a significant difference in the lives of Tompkins County’s residents.”

Tompkins President, Central New York Greg Hartz explained some of the challenges of the work conducted by the 2-1-1 staff. “Many callers use the service when they don’t know where else to turn, and this service helps them find a friendly ear who can help provide help,” shared Hartz. “Thank you to John, Nicole, and the 2-1-1 staff for the difference you make in Tompkins County.”

For more information about the 2-1-1 program, visit