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Zeldin attacker remains in custody after federal court appearance: Judge wants to see mental health history before release

The man accused of attempting to attack New York State gubernatorial candidate Lee Zeldin remains in custody.

A judge decided at a federal hearing late last week that David G. Jakubonis, 43, of Fairport who faces federal assault charges will remain in custody.

He went on stage during a campaign event with a sharp object and attempted to take down Zeldin.

Jakubonis’ attorney asked that he be released to an in-patient alcohol treatment program. They said he’s an alcoholic who was on medication at the time of incident.

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Jakubonis apparently thought Zeldin was making fun of vets during the campaign event, according to his attorney.

Before Jakubonis can be released, the judge hearing the case said he wants to see his full-mental health history.

Zeldin was not injured in the incident.