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Having a bridal shower? Check out the Dollar Tree for these 5 essentials

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  • Abbi Aruck 

The pandemic put lots of weddings on hold– now there is a new record of couples getting married this year.

If you are having a bridal shower soon, check out the Dollar Tree for these 5 essentials.

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What bridal party essentials are available at the Dollar Tree?

Weddings tend to be pretty expensive between the dress, venue, and everything else. Staying on budget can be difficult– especially with inflation. Luckily, Dollar Tree has a few bridal party essentials to help cut costs. So what 5 bridal shower essentials does the Dollar Tree have? The dollar store has:

  • Bridal hairbands in gold marked with “bride”
  • Inflatable balloons that read “bride”
  • Shot glasses in the shape of a diamond engagement ring
  • Stemware marked with occasion-appropriate writing
  • Sleep masks and trinkets for guests and brides maids

Other ways to save on your wedding

If you’re looking to save extra money on your wedding, consider having your wedding on a Sunday as opposed to a Saturday. This can save you into the thousands of dollars depending on the size of your event.

Another option is instead of sending multiple event invite cards, have a single insert directing guests to your wedding website for more info can save you hundreds of dollars.

Check local bridal shops and social media to see when they are offering dress sales or discounts on jewelry. Using only one or two types of flowers could also save you a decent chunk of money.

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