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The Great NYS Fair prepares for August event with 15 new vendors (video)

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  • Megan Hatch 

The Great New York State Fair is gearing up for its annual end-of-summer celebration.

After two years of change from the pandemic, organizers are ready to bring back the full fair. They’ve recently added 15 new vendors and expect a big turnout at the Fairgrounds.

“There’s a vibe and momentum in the community that people are excited to come back and experience the fair like they remember it pre-covid,” said Alice Maggiore, the fair’s assistant director of public information.

What’s new at the 2022 NYS Fair? (video)

DiSanto Propane (Billboard)

“We’re going to have a full fair”

NYS Fair Interim Director Sean Hennessy said things will look a lot different than last year’s fair, as there are fewer restrictions with the pandemic slowing down.

“Last year was a bit of a partial year for the fair, you know, we rolled it out. But we didn’t have, you know, all the aspects of the fair here, some of the animals were missing, some of the vendors were missing. And this year, we’re going to have a full fair,” said Hennessy.

“We’re going to have all the food all the fun all the farming. And all the folks that you usually see here at the fair. We’re thinking this year is gonna be a banner year, whether it be a historic year, we’re not too sure just yet.”

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More jobs available for those interested

Bigger crowds this year mean more staff positions needing to be filled.

Hennessy said he’s grateful for the team of seasonal workers who come back to the fair year after year. Through outreach on hiring, they’ve been seeing a great response, he said.

“We still have jobs. So if folks want to reach us just go to our fair website,” said Hennessy.

“We have supervisors that we’re looking for. We have entry-level folks as well. So we just hope that everybody goes to the website, and checks that out. And you never know, there might be something out there that you not just are going to get paid for but something you’ll enjoy while you’re here for 13 days.”

The State Fair is tradition

“The fair is a wonderful place full of tradition. You come here, you can do your favorite things like check out the big potato, get a plastic cup of milk here at the milk bar, which will be run by the Cornell Cooperative Extension this year,” said Maggiore.

The 15 new food vendors offer New Yorkers a chance to try something new.

“They come from all over the United States, all sorts of different cuisines. There’s barbecue, there’s gyros, you name it we got it here.”

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