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Some NY business owners still allowing guns in stores, despite state restrictions

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  • Hayley Jones 

Tzvi Waldman is head of the New York State Jewish Gun Club.

He’s been dispersing a poster to businesses around the Hudson Valley that reads, “Concealed Carry is Welcome Here. Thank you for keeping our children safe. May Hashem continue to watch over us.”

Business owners can ‘opt out’ of new restrictions that prohibit carrying guns on private property

The posters are designed for store owners to alert customers they can carry a firearm into the store.

According to recent reporting from The Evening Tribune, Waldman has been outspoken against the recent gun laws approved by the state Legislature.

Governor Kathy Hochul signed the new concealed carry legislation (S.51001/A.41001) roughly a week after the court’s ruling. It prohibits people from bringing firearms on private property unless expressively allowed to do so by the property owner.

The package of laws align with the Supreme Court’s June decision striking down New York’s ‘proper cause’ concealed carry law.

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Head of the NYS Jewish Gun Club shares perspective on right to bear arms

Waldman is certainly familiar with the other side of the issue: He remembers the stories his grandmother told him about hiding from the Nazis in a farmhouse outside of Budapest during World War II.

He said he understood why his grandmother became uneasy when he talked openly about the importance of guns for self-defense, a conviction that led to his current efforts.

“It’s embracing the American culture,” he said. “We’re here. We’re safe. Let’s keep America safe. We don’t want it to go back to where it was…As long as we have the right to bear arms no one can force us back into chambers − anyone into chambers. It just can’t happen.”

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State expands requirements in permitting process

Some private businesses aren’t as thrilled about the option to ‘opt out’ of the new gun restrictions.

Rockland County jewelry store owner Barry Fixler said, “I’m pro gun, don’t get me wrong, but if every person carried a gun and somebody lost their temper, they’re gonna shoot each other.”

In addition to restrictions on where people can bring weapons, the new legislation also expands the scope of the permitting process. Applicants must go through training, fingerprinting and obtain character references to get a permit.

Waldman’s group coordinates training for those looking to be approved for concealed carry.