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Aldi: Six favorites to add to your list and two to avoid

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  • Abbi Aruck 

Aldi has a variety of grocery items.

Here are six that you should add to your list. But, there are also two you’ll want to avoid.

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What 6 groceries from Aldi do I need to add to my list?

Aldi has a wide selection of frozen foods that are also budget friendly. Here re the six recommended items:

  • Mama Cozzi’s frozen pizzas: Be sure to try both the pretzel crust and the thin crust
  • Appetito’s buffalo-style chicken and Philly cheesesteak mini spring rolls
  • Stonebaked garlic and cheese flatbread
  • Acai smoothie packs
  • Fatboy sugar cookie ice cream sandwiches

Deals on home goods

In addition to the food, Aldi also offers great deals on home goods and accessories. Some favorite home goods you can find include:

  • classroom rugs
  • stainless steal insulated cups
  • boho hanging chair
  • water shoes for kids and adults
  • sunglasses
  • pool toys
  • single serve coffee-pot
  • tuppperware
  • candles

What should I avoid?

Aldi has lots of colors of the Crofton silicon baking pans, but one shopper shared that she hasn’t used them since buying them. The multi-colored mason jars also grab attention because they could work as fun cups. However, this shopper shared that she has also never used these.

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