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Choco Tacos are being discontinued after 40 years

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  • Abbi Aruck 

The Choco Taco was invented in 1983 by a former ice cream truck driver.

Now, after 40 years, it is being discontinued.

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Why has the Choco Taco been discontinued?

If you’re not familiar with the Choco Taco, it is a waffle cone shaped like a taco shell filled with fudge-swirled ice cream, and dipped in chocolate and peanuts. Initially, it was only available at ice cream trucks. As it became more popular, Klondike made it more widely available.

However, the Choco Taco has officially been discontinued. It will no longer be available from ice cream trucks, convenience stores or grocery stores. After the news broke, people with the treats in their freezer began listing them on eBay– and they are selling for good money. For example, one seller is asking $795 for a Choco Taco shipped with dry ice. Another seller is offering a box of 22 for $200. To compare, earlier this year Taco Bell was selling the ice cream treat for $2.99.

Klondike has said that “an unprecedented spike in demand across our portfolio” has led to having to make “very tough decisions to ensure availability of our full portfolio nationwide.”

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