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Here’s why you should buy meat first when you grocery shop

Summertime usually means barbecue season.

For many, that means meats to grill. When you grocery shop, consider picking it up first.

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Why should I buy meat first?

As most people have noticed, grocery prices have increased. One report found that ground beef prices are up 36% and pork and beans are up 33%. One way to save money is by buying bone-in– as they are usually about 70% cheaper than their boneless competitors. Plus, if you’re looking to grill, bone in meats tend to hold up better.

You should start your grocery shopping in the meat section if you’re looking to save more. Meat tends to be one of the most expensive parts of grocery shopping. By starting will the most expensive thing leaves room to budget the rest of your trip around it.

Another great tip is to get the meats that are on sale that week. Stores tend to put deals and/ or sales right up front– so keep an eye out!

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