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City of Auburn working with stakeholders to protect Owasco Lake, the city’s drinking water source

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  • Ted Baker 

LaBella Associates and Behan Planning and Design presented a draft Water Source Protection Plan for Owasco Lake to the Auburn City Council Thursday night.

Plan is meant to complement work already being done

A community advisory group made up of Auburn and Cayuga County officials, Dr. Adam Effler of the Owasco Lake Watershed Management Council, Town of Owasco Supervisor Ed Wagner, and the Public Health Directors from Cayuga and Tompkins Counties, have been helping put together the plan. Auburn City Clerk Chuck Mason says the plan is meant to complement the work already being done to preserve water quality.

Among the key points in the draft plan:

  • Develop an overview of the water system
  • Prepare a Drinking Water Source Protection Map
  • Create a Potential Contaminant Source Inventory
  • Identify Protection and Management Methods
  • Develop an Implementation Timeline
  • Designate a Plan Management Team

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What are the next steps?

• Review the input from this meeting and prepare a full draft plan.

• Next Advisory Committee meeting for feedback on the draft plan.

• Review of the plan by State for completeness only.

• Final plan approved and recommended to City by Advisory Committee.

• City Council is asked to endorse the plan.

• Plan is then ready to be implemented by Plan Management Team. Approved plans are more eligible for funding assistance.

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Listen to my full Inside the FLX conversation with Auburn City Clerk Chuck Mason below.

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