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County Dialysis Center improving quality of life for nursing home residents and community

The Wyoming County Hospital Dialysis Center (WCHDC), located on the first floor of the Livingston County Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation (LCCNR), continues to make a major impact in the lives of County residents after its grand opening in February.

Since then, the Wyoming County Community Health System-run facility has completed nearly 1,000 appointments for life-saving dialysis treatment. Before its opening, patients wouldn’t have been able to find this kind of care without first driving to dialysis clinics in Rochester or Batavia. Bringing medical care like this to Livingston County has directly resulted in a better quality of life for WCHDC patients, said LCCNR Director of Long-Term Care Justin Bayliss.  

“The Dialysis Center has been a lifeline for those individuals in need of this treatment, who would otherwise have to travel great distances to receive dialysis services,” explained Bayliss. “Someone requiring dialysis typically receives the service three times per week. Each session takes approximately four hours. Cutting down on drive time greatly increases those residents’ ability to spend more quality time at home or doing other things they enjoy.”  

A joint Livingston and Wyoming County venture, the WCHDC receives patients from both counties, as well as several residents of the LCCNR. It currently has the ability to treat up to six dialysis patients at one time. However, talks are underway among County officials to increase staffing in order to double the facility’s capacity in the near future.

The LCCNR offers 24-hour skilled nursing services ranging from short-term, post-acute rehabilitative care to traditional long-term care. Residents receive care in a manner that addresses the needs of the individual. Recognizing the potential in every individual, the LCCNR focuses on turning potential into ability, discomfort into comfort. For more, visit online here.