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CONCRETE JUNGLE: The One Before the All-Star Break (podcast)

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  • Paul Russo 

It’s time for one final push for the major leaguers before the midsummer classic. The Yankees are at home in the Bronx to wrap up the first half of the season. The series against the Reds has been chaotic and not as quiet as some have hoped. Paul Russo and Kyle Evans talk about the first two games of the series. The guys also look ahead to the final game against Cincinnati and then the Red Sox with Boston coming to visit. The Mets were able to pad the division lead against the Braves taking the series in Atlanta. Paul and Kyle look at the Mets and the key factors in the important series. A visit to Wrigley Field and the Cubs wait for the Mets before the All-Star break.

Rochester and Syracuse are currently hosting new opponents. Paul and Kyle talk about the games so far and look ahead to the weekend for the squads.


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