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Stimulus payments worth $3,200 available to Alaskans

There are thousands of residents in the state of Alaska who can soon expect stimulus payments worth $3,200.

Cash stimulus payments Alaskan residents will see.

The stimulus package for the state was passed on June 29, 2022 by Alaska Governor Mike Dunleavy.

The $3,200 is made up of two different payments but will go out as one.

What are the two stimulus payments totaling $3,200 in Alaska?

The bigger stimulus payment being sent is Alaska’s Permanent Fund.

This payment is worth $2,550 and comes from the oil dividends the state receives.

Each year residents receive a dividend, and this year’s is the biggest the state has seen since 1982.

The payment last year was worth $1,114, so this year’s is doubled.

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The second payment of the $3,200 is a $650 stimulus payment for energy relief as inflation drives prices even higher.

There are qualifications you must meet to receive the Permanent Fund payment.

First, you must be a resident in the state for the full calendar year before you apply for the dividend.

You must intend on remaining a resident of the state indefinitely when you apply.

You cannot have been charged with a felony or incarcerated.

A date for when the stimulus payments will go out has not been shared.

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