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Who still never got a $1,400 stimulus check?

Millions of Americans received that last stimulus check worth $1,400 from the federal government, but is it possible many were missed?

federal stimulus check with cash

There are ways to check and see if you were missed.

If you were, you may have been unaware you were owed a check and can still receive one.

How do I find a potentially missing stimulus check worth $1,400?

You first need to have qualified for a stimulus check to even get one.

This means if you are single, your income could not exceed $75,000.

Married couples could not exceed $150,0000.

The stimulus payment would then phase out until it disappeared entirely at $80,000 for singles and $160,000 for married couples.

17 states where you may see more cash, including Georgia, Hawaii, and Minnesota

In December of 2021, over $175 million in stimulus payments were issued by the IRS.

645,000 Americans missed these checks as of Sept. 2021.

419,822 people with an ITIN and 133,578 who collected unemployment were missing a stimulus check.

Some people falsely marked resident of a U.S. territory instead of citizen, which impacted 51,639 checks.

Anyone who filed changes or had issues on their tax accounts that were unresolved is missing a check, and that’s around 39,666 people.

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