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Former NY-24 candidate Roger Misso announces year-long military deployment

Roger Misso, former Democratic candidate for New York’s 24th Congressional District, announced today he’s been activated for a military deployment and therefore will not seek political office in the near future.

“As part of my commitment to the nation as a Navy Reservist, the nation has recalled me to active duty this summer for a yearlong deployment,” said Misso in a statement on Thursday.

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Misso: “I know we will be back” to Central NY

The Syracuse resident and Wayne County native will be deployed in support of overseas contingency operations, he announced.

In a video posted to social media, Misso said he’s focused on ensuring care for his family in his absence.

“While we are leaving CNY for a bit, I know we will be back,” he added.

Notably, Misso said he would not be a candidate for either Chair of the Onondaga County Democratic Committee or Erie County Executive this fall, implying he had considered a run for both offices previously.

Misso also spoke of the sacrifice Reservists make each year to serve.

Misso ended his recorded statement on a hopeful note.

“While I have to step away for a while to fight for our home in uniform again, know that I’ll be back to fight for our home side-by-side with all of you to build it back up again brick-by-brick, block-by-block, the only way we know how,” he said.