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Stimulus payments worth $350 could go to Ohio residents depending on election

Nan Whaley, an Ohio Democrat running for Governor, has a plan to send stimulus payments worth $350 to families if she’s elected.

cash payments from stimulus checks ohio residents may see

The stimulus payment would help to offset the rising costs of groceries and gas.

The funds will become available to Governor Mike DeWine within the next few weeks.

Stimulus payments in Ohio?

Whaley is urging DeWine to use that money as a way to send stimulus checks to Ohio state residents.

The money is set to be sent to the state regardless of what it’s used for.

The current administration has not shared how they plan to spend it.

Whaley believes the money should be given back to Ohio residents to help with financial burdens.

Payments up to $1,700 in California, Maine, Illinois, Iowa & Indiana in July

She went on to say the DeWine has more interest in taking care of his special interest donors and friends than the people of Ohio.

Under Whaley’s proposal, single residents will see a $350 stimulus payment.

Married filing joint filers will see $700 stimulus payments.

Ohio is receiving $2.68 billion dollars in funding from the American Rescue Plan.

If it’s spent on stimulus payments, 7.4 million Ohio residents would benefit.

The income limits would be $80,000 for single filers and $160,000 for joint filers.

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