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UBI payments in Washington state worth $500

Washington state residents have been able to make ends meet with UBI payments worth $500 since the pandemic started.

Payments Washington residents see each month who are enrolled in a UBI program

One person explained that the stress of stretching a paycheck for groceries or tutoring is gone, according to Crosscut.

The program is called Growing Resilience in Tacoma, or GRIT.

UBI payments in the state of Washington explained

This program is one of the experimental pilot programs in the Puget Sound area.

The money is designed to supplement safety nets for families.

They work similarly to what the advanced child tax credit payments were doing.

Finger Lakes Partners (Billboard)

Monthly payments of up to $400 extended for 3 months in New York

This money helps give money to families  who need just a little more, relieving them of stress.

The program started late last year with the city of Tacoma and United Way working together to help families living just over the federal property line.

110 randomly selected families have been getting $500 per month.

This pilot program is helping bring attention to what guaranteed income could do for families just scraping by.

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