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Stimulus payments of $1,050 approved for millions in California

California state residents will soon see stimulus payments worth as much as $1,050 following the approval of the state budget.

stimulus check california residents will soon see

The spending plan is worth a total of $300 billion dollars.

20 million residents will see stimulus checks under this new spending plan.

Stimulus checks in California explained

Residents who will see checks will get between $200 and $1,050.

Single filers who earn less than $75,000 will see a $350 check.

Joint filers with an income under $150,000 will see a check worth $700.

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Payments worth $1,500 in August for Colorado residents

In addition, at least one dependent will bring households another $350, bringing the maximum amount to $1,050.

If single filers make between $75,001 and $125,000, they will get a check for $250.

Joint filers making under $250,000 will see $500.

Dependents for these households will bring in another $250.

The income limit for single filers is $250,000, meaning if your income exceeds this as a single filer, you will not see a stimulus payment.

Governor Newsom could sign this plan into law by the end of the week.

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