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Local upstate New York supporters of Greenidge Generation denounce state decision to deny Title V Air Permit renewal

Greenidge Generation Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ: GREE) (“Greenidge”), a vertically integrated cryptocurrency datacenter and power generation company, today released the following statements from local Upstate New York supporters after the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation’s decision to deny the application to renew the existing Title V Air Permit for the company’s Dresden, NY facility. 

The people who know Greenidge’s operations best fully support the efforts at the facility: the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Union local strongly supports Greenidge; the Yates County Legislature voted unanimously in support of Greenidge; the Yates County Farm Bureau, which represents more than 300 family farms, voted unanimously in support of Greenidge. The Finger Lakes Economic Development Center, the area’s sole economic development agency, has also regularly spoken out in support of Greenidge.

Mike Davis, Business Manager, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 840: 

 “It is a sad day in New York State when we can throw away good-paying jobs in a hi-tech field. This decision satisfies a small fraction of people whose beliefs are based on fears and who cover their ears to the facts. Rally after rally with almost no one from the towns and county around Greenridge itself because they live here and know the truth.  What should I tell my workers and their families? I guess I’ll just tell them, ‘Sorry, I guess working-class families don’t rate as high as some of the wealthy families that live on the lake.'”  

Larry Lewis, President, Yates County Farm Bureau: 

“As a longtime resident of this community, a farmer, and President of the Yates County Farm Bureau, I know firsthand how important our work and actions around our climate are to ensuring the future of agriculture. Greenidge Generation is a great local employer that actively contributes to our community and is helping to drive our economy across industries in the area and doing it all within our state’s excellent environmental standards. We need families to stay in our region for ALL our industries to thrive, and Greenidge has provided a path for people to stay and grow careers – right here. That’s why we are extremely disappointed in this decision and hope to see Greenidge continue to operate.” 

Steve Griffin, CEO, Finger Lakes Economic Development Center: 

“Our community has benefited enormously from Greenidge, and I’m extremely disappointed in this decision. Not only has Greenidge hired locally, including recent local high school graduates, but they created more jobs in tech than anyone is the area, and more than they had originally estimated. These jobs are paying some of the highest salaries in the county, and overall double the county average. It’s exactly the type of jobs we need to be creating in this region to attract and retain a talented workforce. Beyond providing jobs, Greenidge has also brought millions of dollars in increased local PILOT and tax payments, which benefit our schools and our community at large. With Greenidge operating well within New York’s strict environmental guidelines, it’s a positive economic force for our region.”  

Nonie Flynn, Administrator, Yates County: 

“Our county legislature voted unanimously in support of Greenidge in 2015, 2016 and again in 2021, and for good reason. For anyone living in Yates County, Greenidge has provided a reliable source of revenue to fund the services we provide. This revenue has helped allow Yates County to keep our tax levy flat at $16.5 million for the past three years, which has a positive impact on each and every Yates County resident. They are also creating the type of lasting careers we need for our residents. The economic impact from Greenidge is an obvious and dramatic benefit for all of our Yates County residents. Thus, the recent denial of their Title V air permit is certainly a disappointment, not only because Greenidge has been operating the plant properly under all regulations, but also because New York taxpayers will have to finance the burden of a lengthy, expensive judicial battle.  We are pleased, however that Greenidge can continue to operate, and we hope to see this decision changed during the appeal process.”