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Home » Valentine's Day » Wayne County gun lobbyists react to concealed-carry changes: “We have to depend on ourselves” (video)

Wayne County gun lobbyists react to concealed-carry changes: “We have to depend on ourselves” (video)

Don Smith lobbies for legislation favorable to gun owners in Wayne County.

“Maintaining our rights to our property which includes guns of course, so for the most part, we are a Second Amendment organization like several others across the state,” Smith said Monday.

Wayne County SCOPE Chairman in favor of law change (video)


Wayne County SCOPE reacts to Supreme Court ruling

Smith is a member of the National Rifle Association and Chairman of the Wayne County Shooter’s Committee on Political Education (SCOPE).  

He’s happy to hear that the U.S. Supreme Court has issued its first major Second Amendment ruling in over a decade, which concerns New York’s restrictions on concealed carry handguns.  

New York law required people seeking a license to carry a handgun in public to provide “proper cause,” but the conservative-majority court struck down that law.

“It should be an opening for gun owners to be able to obtain a handgun without having a judge simply require a specific purpose of their liking,” Smith said.  “That’s no longer necessary in New York State.”

Finger Lakes Partners (Billboard)

Hochul calls SCOTUS decision “flawed”

This comes following the two mass shootings that devastated the nation and renewed a debate over gun rights.

Governor Kathy Hochul spoke on the issue last week, saying, “For far too long, this country has been plagued by an epidemic of mass violence, taking the lives of members of our own community in Buffalo and innocent school children in Uvalde, Texas.

Hochul added, “Following this week’s flawed decision by the U.S. Supreme Court, my team is working around the clock to explore every possible action, and we are convening an extraordinary session of the New York State legislature on June 30 to pass new gun safety legislation.  I urge Congress to follow our lead, and take further actions to make the nation safer for all.”

But Smith has a message for those who disagree with the law changes.

“Those people, such as Kathy Hochul, already have a host of guns protecting them,” Smith said. “They have armed gunmen at their bequest 24 hours a day.  The rest of us on the other hand, we have to depend on ourselves.”

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