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Stimulus payments of $500 going out to Massachusetts workers

Over 500,000 Americans will see stimulus payments worth $500 in the state of Massachusetts through the Essential Employee Premium Pay program.

cash residents in Massachusetts saw from a stimulus payment

The funding available to residents is worth $460 million dollars.

There are two rounds of payments.

Massachusetts stimulus checks explained

The two rounds split up made the first round worth $250 million dollars.

These payments went out to 500,000 people at the end of March, 2022.

In order to be eligible, you need to have been a resident in the state as well as worked in the year 2020.

Eligibility is based on 2020 Massachusetts state tax returns.

Income needs to be at least $12,750 for the year 2020.

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This is working about 20 hours per week for 50 weeks at minimum wage in 2020.

Your income must be at or below 300% of the federal poverty line to qualify.

That number will depend on your household size.

For a family of one, that is $38,280.

A family of 2, the number is $51,720.

For a family of 4, it’s $78,600.

If you received unemployment in 2020 you are not eligible.

The checks were automatically sent through the mail, and no action was needed.

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