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Stimulus and tax refund scams are happening; protect yourself

While scammers are always trying to steal money from people, they also want to take personal information for stimulus payments and tax refunds.

scammers are targeting stimulus checks and unemployment benefits

Scammers have taken full advantage of the state of American finances as everyone tries to recover from the pandemic.

The IRS is warning Americans to watch out for fake job offers, their tax refunds, and their stimulus payments.

What is happening with scammers using stimulus payments and tax refunds?

Scammers are using unemployment information and fake job offers to collect people’s personal information as well as scamming them out of money.

Americans are urged to remain skeptical of any phone calls, emails or texts that offer you money or benefits that you weren’t expecting.

You can verify anything that seems like an offer with the government website of the place offering it.

Those scamming people are targeting stimulus payments and tax refunds as a way to get personal information.

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Economic impact payments are being issued by states, but look out for scams

The IRS will never call, email, or text anyone as a way to get personal information.

In addition, mailbox theft is happening more often.

If you’re waiting for money, check your mail often and report if you think you’re missing mail.

Many scammers are applying for unemployment benefits using stolen identity information.

If you receive a 1099-G for unemployment benefits, you need to contact your state agency.

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