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Preservation League touts benefits of historic preservation to Auburn City Council

At its meeting last week, the Auburn City Council heard from the Preservation League of New York State on its historic preservation efforts.

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Auburn City Clerk Chuck Mason says the city has one historic preservation district already.

The League says there are other areas of the city north and west of that district that are eligible for inclusion. The presentation aimed to dispel historic preservation myths. One common one is that owners whose properties are included on the National Register of Historic places lose all control over their properties. That’s not true. Those properties are eligible for tax credits in many cases.

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From the League’s website:

“Since our founding in 1974, the Preservation League has built a reputation for action and effectiveness. Our goal has been to preserve our historic buildings, districts, and landscapes to build a better New York, one community at a time.

Our vision is a New York State whose people value and protect their meaningful historic places in an environment that encourages and incentivizes their preservation. We will continue to be the statewide leader in establishing historic preservation as a widely accepted tool for economic development, community revitalization, and smart, sustainable growth.

Our strength lies in our relationships with people who wish to protect the architectural and cultural heritage of the Empire State. We welcome all individuals, organizations, and businesses to join us in this mission.”

Listen to my full Inside the FLX conversation with Chuck Mason below.