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Cancer Support Community Rochester celebrates inaugural Community Is Stronger Than Cancer Day

On June 28, Cancer Support Community Rochester (CSCR), together with a dedicated and passionate global network of agencies, will celebrate Community Is Stronger than Cancer Day nationwide. The event is a day of awareness highlighting our active mission to provide free support and resources to everyone impacted by cancer.

Cancer Support Community Rochester is one of 175 Cancer Support Community locations in the United States and beyond. Together they make up a network where cancer patients, survivors, caregivers, and loved ones have access to free emotional support, healthy lifestyle activities, social connection, education, and referral services provided with compassion and expertise—in person or online. Across all locations, the network has served 1,673,029 participants since its inception with 327,397 visits in 2021. 

“Through Cancer Support Community Rochester, I’ve been able to make connections with others who understand what it means to have your world suddenly change with the “C” diagnosis and to then adapt to a life that isn’t quite the same as it was before even though the outside world sees me as being “done” with breast cancer,” said CSCR member Katie Worley. “I’ve met people with similar interests at a time when finding the motivation to do things or be around other people was tough. Through support groups I’ve connected with others who can empathize with the frustrations and joys that people outside the cancer community might not completely understand. It’s an ongoing journey that links people who may never have met otherwise and can strengthen the support net we all need.”

In addition to having support in their community, participants are presented opportunities to join forces with other impacted people from partner locations to advocate on issues important to cancer patients at the state and national levels and to contribute to important research that inspires positive change in cancer care and the patient experience. 

“Cancer Support Community Rochester is excited to be a part of this inaugural celebration,” said Melinda Merante, CEO.  Merante added, “Our number one goal is to help more people living with cancer – men, women, and children. Community is Stronger Than Cancer Day will create a community-wide awareness of what we do, the excellent programs we provide free of charge and that we a source of hope, information, support and most importantly the much-needed connection to other patients and families living with cancer. We encourage anyone impacted by cancer to call us or visit our website at We thank our community, as Rochester has indeed shown repeatedly that together our community is strong against cancer.”

On June 28, Cancer Support Community Rochester is asking its supporters to help the network reach even more impacted people by sharing its social media posts using the hashtags #CelebrateCSCGC #CommunityisStrongerThanCancer.

For more information about Cancer Support Community Rochester and our no-cost programs, visit us online at or call us at (585) 423-9700.