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Stimulus payments worth up to $1,700 going to millions in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Maine, and Oregon

In July, millions of Americans from different states can expect stimulus or direct payments worth up to $1,700.

cash residents in some states will see from  stimulus check payments

Many of these payments are stimulus tax rebates, while some are even UBI payments.

As gas and groceries skyrocket in price, Americans need support now more than ever.

Here are 5 states and their cities sending stimulus payments to residents

First is Chicago, Illinois, where residents can see up to $150.

This is in the form of transit and gas cards to help offset the major increase people are seeing at the gas pumps right now.

You must be a Chicago resident over age 18 to apply with an income at or below 100% of the AMI.

Every month there will be a lottery held for people to receive cards through September.

In Indiana, single filers will see $125 and married filers will see $250.

Payments of $500 could be going to thousands in Minnesota

Around 85% of the state population is eligible.

In Iowa, residents can expect a stimulus check worth $1,400 as long as they qualify.

You must show you struggle with food or housing, lost your job, or did not get previous stimulus payments.

Between 2,300 and 2,400 residents are expected to qualify.

In Maine, single filers will see $850 and married filers will see $1,700.

There are income requirements.

For singles, the limit is $100,000, head of household is $150,000, and joingt filers is $200,000.

Finally, in Oregon, low income workers that worked during the pandemic can expect $600.

About 236,000 residents are expected to qualify.

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