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Stimulus payments of $500 could be going to thousands in Minnesota

Inflation continues to cause issues, and Governor Tim Walz of Minnesota wants to help residents by sending stimulus checks.

cash residents in Minnesota could see from a stimulus payment

These would be direct payments to help offset the cost of gas.

The goal was to get payments out before summer arrived.

Direct stimulus payment plans

The proposal would give $500 payments to Minnesota residents.

In order to qualify, residents must make less than $164,400 per year.

Gas Stimulus Payments: Which states are sending them?

If married, that income threshold would be $273,470 and the payment would be $1,000.

The total cost of the proposal would be $2 billion dollars.

A gas tax holiday was discussed as well, which would temporarily elimate state taxes on gas.

Minnesota has a gas tax of $0.28 cents per gallon.

Gas prices across the nation have reached over $5.00 per gallon in multiple states.

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