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Stimulus payments of $2,000 still being considered for Pennsylvania residents

Under Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf’s proposal, $500 million dollars of American Rescue Plan money could fund $2,000 stimulus checks for residents.

stimulus payments residents in California could see

The announcement was made in April of 2022 and would be part of the budget, which is set to be finished June 30, 2022.

Should it be made part of the next budget for the state, residents would see $2,000 stimulus payments.

Stimulus payments for Pennsylvania

The program is also known as PA Opportunity Program.

There are certain requirements for residents to receive the potential stimulus payment.

Income is taken into account.

Minnesota essential workers will see payment of $750

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Families making $80,000 or less would see the payments of $2,000.

The funding for this program would come from the money left from the American Rescue Plan; $2.2 billion to be exact.

If this money isn’t used by the end of 2024, states are required to return it to the federal government.

$500 million dollars would go toward the program from the money that is left.

The remaining funds would be used for small businesses, property tax relief, healthcare, conservation, preservation, and revitalization of communities in the state.

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