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Gas tax holiday: Will Virginia eliminate taxes on gas?

At the moment, many states are issuing a gas tax holiday for drivers facing record high gas prices caused by inflation.

gas pump where Virginia residents are hoping to see a gas tax holiday

Even President Joe Biden is looking into a potential federal gas tax holiday.

In the state of Virginia, lawmakers are split on what they want to do.

Is there going to be a gas tax holiday for the state of Virginia?

Governor Glenn Youngkin wants to pause the state’s gas tax, while Democrats want to send stimulus payments for gas directly.

If there is a gas pause, Youngkin is looking to issue a three month pause for the state’s $0.26 gas tax.

If payments are sent, Democrats are looking to send $50 rebates for gas.

Federal gas holiday from government could save drivers $2.75

The plan for rebates is every driver receives $50, and up to $100 can be sent per household.

This would also help with public transportation, which relies on gas.

While Democrats believe their plan would help by giving the money directly to Virginia residents, they feel the gas tax holiday would benefit oil companies.

Republicans feel that immediate direct payment would do very little to help drivers.

AAA has stated that the issue lies with the prices of crude oil, not at the pump.

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